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For over thirty years, Seth Goldstein has worked in litigation involving child abuse allegations in one forum or another. After serving in law enforcement for 20 years with the Berkeley Police Department and in the Santa Clara and Napa County District Attorneys’ offices, The Law Offices of Seth L. Goldstein has recreated the successful, criminal prosecution multi-disciplinary team model prosecuting child abuse cases for use in the civil sector.

While working as the Project Director for the Napa County District Attorney’s Office, Child Abuse Vertical Prosecution Program, his program achieved a 96.5% conviction rate at charging, filing on 75% of the cases brought to the program. The success of that program demonstrated the value of using individuals from all of the professions involved in helping child abuse victims: psychologists, forensic evidence specialists, lawyers, law enforcement, therapists and medical professionals.

After having consulted with lawyers in the areas of Family and Juvenile Law while working as peace officer, Mr. Goldstein discovered that there was no such model in the civil sector. The Law Offices of Seth L. Goldstein were created to fill that void and is one of only a few law practices that has such resources at its fingertips. Since 1995, Mr. Goldstein has represented clients using the benefit of this highly successful prosecution model.

Since 1977, Mr. Goldstein has concentrated his professional life around the litigation of child abuse allegations, teaching other professionals throughout the world how to investigate and litigate these cases. For more than thirty years, he has developed a cadre of professionals around the country to rally around a case and support the litigation in the courtroom.

Mr. Goldstein represents clients in Personal Injury, Family Law, Administrative Hearings (mental health licensing and victim advocacy), Juvenile Law and Criminal law, concentrating on child sexual abuse allegations in the context of child custody litigation. Mr. Goldstein also consults with other counsel in California and other states and/or testifies as an expert witness in these matters.






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